First Edition

In its first limited edition of 100 pieces, REVOLUTION FIRST EDITION, the blade is in Niolox, the mechanics in aeronautical titanium, and the handle covers in high-performance technopolymer . Completely stainless, the open knife has a total length of 320mm, closed 200mm, cutting length 180mm, weight 370g. Fully assembled and finishing by Garbino Officina Artistica.

Every knife in the LOCKIN’ REVOLUTION FIRST EDITION series is made in a limited edition of only 100 pieces. Each specimen is unique, numbered, certified and signed. It is a non-industrial technological object with very high mechanical precision, which is not obtainable artisanally. LOCKIN’ REVOLUTION FIRST EDITION is made in collaboration with some of the most qualified Italian knives and components makers. Each knife is crafted artisanally at Garbino’s Artistic Workshop and every one of the 100 pieces is hand-finished. The product is authenticated by a certificate of ownership, with the serial number and the owner’s name.

Weight (g): 370
Total length (mm): 320
Cutting Length (mm): 180
Blade thickness (mm): 4.8
Weight oz .: 13.05
Total length (in): 12.59
Blade Length (in): 7.08
Blade thickness (in): 0.19
Blade Material: Niolox HRC 60 Steel
Blade Finishing: Sandblasting – DLC treatment
Blade Sharpening: R125 concave
Mechanism Material: Ti6Al4v
Handle: Gray anthracite
Handle Covers: High performance composite material
Fasteners: Torx M3 in cemented steel, black nickel plating

Read the instructions before using