Jazzist, musician, cutler, artisan, co-founder of an innovative technological start-up, Alberto Gariboldi, Garbino, has tradition and innovation fused in one head.

Garbino graduated from the Technological Liceo SCientifico, the Music Conservatory and later from the Civic School of Jazz in Milan as a trumpeter.

Sailing lover, he worked as a sail and catamaran instructor. His passion for inventions makes him win the “Malgrate Inventions and Inventors 2012” Award with his “Paradox Wizard”. Passionate about survival and pioneering techniques, he collaborates in the realization and management of technical and large constructions projects with the AGESCI Specialization and Competence. His sporting, technical and artistic inclinations have never distanced him, but actually fueled, his true craze, that of materials, metals and knives, which became a visceral passion and a craft, learned day by day from the sanding to forging.

For more than ten years, Garbino has refined his expertise as a craftsman producing pieces of excellent manufacturing, including Damascus steel. But he feels he has not finished yet. “Every point of arrival is a starting point,” he says, “I personally feel like I am the last of the apprentices, especially compared to the great masters and professionals in the world of knives,who are examples of excellence to take inspiration from and from whom there is always so much to learn. ”

Honoring tradition however, did not prevent him from using technology to strengthen his drive for innovation, that resulted in his latest invention, the LOCKIN’. This new system developed and patented within the innovative Repiks start-up,made him win the Mercedes-Confederal ARTIGENIO 2016 prize.