The packet First Edition


MYSTIQUE is the LOCKIN ‘FIRST EDITION box designed by Repiks exclusively for Lockin’ Revolution. Made of black stainless super-resistant anodized aluminum with no visible lock, Mystique is an inaccessible box for those who do not have the key to the mysterious security system. Its invisible opening is obtained with a particular access method, known only to those who possess an original Mystique.


The LOCKIN ‘is accompanied by Zito, a coated metal coin made by Repiks for the First Edition and crafted in just 100 pieces by Garbino Artistic Workshop. On the head side are the value and the name of the coin and the effigy of the German Shepherd dog Zito, inspiration for the virtues of Repiks: strength, beauty, loyalty. Towards the edge there are some graphics that recall gears and other symbolic decorative motifs. On the tail side is a tribute to the Italian Galileo Galilei and to the great Italian inventors who have marked the history of humanity. At the center of the coin is the Galilean telescope; In the background, a series of concentric lines trace a symbolic map of the Universe, meaning the gaze toward the sky and discovery.


WARNINGS.This product is only sold for utensil or decorative purposes. The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and can cause serious injuries. Make sure the blade is never in the position to hurt you during closing, opening, and using the knife. The holder of this product assumes all the risks and responsibilities arising from its improper use. Repiks srls disclaims all civil and criminal liability for damages caused to persons or objects due to improper or deliberate use of their products.The buyer or user must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This article is for adults only. Keep out of reach of children. Lockin ‘is patented. Production reserves the right to modify Lockin ‘s aesthetic and functional specifications.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPENING.The LOCKIN ‘ has a retaining locking system and a symmetrical opening system, both of which are easy to use.
The procedure is not intuitive. Only the owner of a LOCKIN knows how to unlock and lock a Lockin ‘.
To open and close the knife, follow the instructions in the packaging carefully.

MAINTENANCE. The Lockin ‘is entirely stainless and does not require extraordinary maintenance. It is recommended to clean it after use, possibly washing it in fresh water, keep it dry and lubricate when necessary. When needed, it can be cleaned with common household detergents, dry and lubricate. Make sure the inside of the sheath is always clean and that it does not contain dust, sand or abrasive material that could scratch the knife.
It is strongly recommended not to disassemble the device.

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